Coconut Moo Silver Bar (4pk)

Coconut Moo Silver Bar (4pk)

SKU: 0005

Our Coconut Millionaire Shortbread bars are made from the finest ingredients with you in mind. 


If you are on a Gluten Free or Dairy Free diet, you shouldn't have to compromise taste and flavors!

Our Moo-llionaire Shortbread Bars will make you feel like a Millionaire! Eat one every day! 


4 Bars per package order

Serves 3 per container

Serves 12 per package

But if you eat them all in one sitting....we're not here to judge!

  • Ingredients

    Organic cane sugar, almond milk, apple vinegar, egg, nutritional yeast, rice flour, corn flour, unsweetened chocolate, tapioca, organic coconut, potato starch, xanthan gum, sunflower oil, salt, water


    Handcrafted in our GF Bakery. Dairy Free.